greenius® Living

The professional LED brand now available for your home.

Modern home lighting

At greenius® we know exactly how to use light to design rooms and create atmosphere. That’s why our new, continuously growing Living collection of modern LED lighting is now available for your home – in proven quality!

LEDs, thanks to their low construction height and minimal heat generation, enable them to be used almost anywhere and create luminaires with a “slim” design.

greenius® Living! We do it: state-of-the-art lighting technology combined with clear design

LED lights are among the most economical lighting systems currently available on the market.

Not all lamps are the same: lighting should be cosy or concentration-enhancing, direct or indirect, suitable for indoor or outdoor use… And they should also be dimmable, economical and eco-friendly.

Our greenius® Living collection offers you the lighting of your choice that meets these requirements

Living Collection

Depending on contrast, light colour or brightness, light has a totally different effect.

We offer you a choice of ambient, accent and work lighting – for the feelgood factor in your rooms!

Let yourself be inspired by our world of living!

Panel P62

Downlight DS75

Pendant lamp R80